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Here's some posts I wrote back in 2007 - 2012

I stopped writing on my site some time ago and now focus my efforts on family, work and other personal projects. They keep me busy enough these days :) I largely wrote about SEO and my travels in South America post University.

Google Analytics Post at FirstClick

I’ve just published a post over at the FirstClick blog where I discuss 5 features within Google Analytics that will help you make (more) money. Check it out!

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Skate To Where The Puck Is Going To Be

Phew, quite a few Google Algorithm updates since my last post! Over the past 6 month’s we’ve had three Penguins and I’m getting sick of Pandas. In short quality, branded domains with reputable, natural link profiles from trusted sources have […]

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What is SEO?

To first understand the concept of SEO, it’s best to rewind a little and define what search engines are and what they are trying to achieve. Search Engines, such Google, Bing & Yahoo, are online tools used by to locate […]

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Track Your +1s, Likes, Shares & Tweets In Google Analytics

Google have today released a new Analytics feature that allows you to track the social engagement of content within on your site. With the new feature you can currently track the quantity and frequency of Google +1′s (obviously), Facebook Actions […]

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10 Awesome Firefox Add-ons For SEOs

For many, SEO can appear to be a confusing world with an endless amount of complex data points and unfounded assumptions. The truth is that nobody knows the search engine algorithms, but by aligning ourselves to best practices and avoiding/resolving […]

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Best Practices to Avoiding an Over-Optimisation Penalty

During an open panel at South By Southwest (SXSW) this month, Matt Cutts dropped a comment that has had the SEO community shuddering at what could possibly be in store in the next few weeks. “All those people doing, for […]

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5 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Successful Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become more popular over the past couple of years and is regularly cited as an effective traffic and link building strategy. The advantages of guest blogging over article marketing are that blogs are likely to have a […]

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How To Hire An SEO Consultant

Online advertising spend in Australia is set to increase to $13 billion in 2012 as competition for online visibility continues to increase. With organic search said to deliver on average 90% of traffic, investment in SEO is the natural method […]

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Google vs Twitter: An Ex-Lovers Tiff

First of all, Happy 2012! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and my new years resolution is to write more, so lets kick off with the right foot forward… It appears today as is Google and twitter have had […]

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My SEO Tools – 2011 Edition

SEO can be very time consuming and whether you’re managing one or several hundred websites you’re going to want to be able to make your job easier (who doesn’t right?!). Luckily, other SEO’s have already been down this well trodden […]

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What To Look For When Employing an SEO Professional

The problem with SEO is that it is quite the niche and it’s always challenging to find new SEO’s to join your team. Like any job in any industry candidates requires a certain skill set to succeed. Musicians need to […]

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5 SEO Tips for Any Startup Business

I work with Startup SME’s every day and in almost all cases I wish I’d been able to get involved sooner in their online endeavours. Decisions that may not seem important at the time of setting up your online business […]

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8 Basic Tips To Better Secure WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic publishing platform for virtually any website and very popular amongst SEO’s due to its ease of management, SEO friendliness and promotion of content generation. The problem with using such a popular sand easy to use platform […]

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Mass Paker Maker WordPress Plugin

I’ve been working on a number of projects, including my www.cheapipad.com.au site that required me to make several hundred/thousand/hundred thousand (!) pages via a WordPress install. Being somebody who is not very time rich and always looking for a way […]

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HTML5 is the fifth revision of HTML and brings with it many features that we can capitalise on for SEO purposes. As with any web standard, the User Experience is the priority with us SEO’s generally tagging onto this as to how […]

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A Year On

Was that a year? Really? I don’t know where that went. Well…actually, I do. Most of it was spent finishing the last year of uni…which was a bloody nightmare. In between that I seemed to live at Hodge, Stig and […]

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Captain Thaddeus Harris

I’m a bit hungover writing this so apoligies if its a bit nonsensical…which, is probably not even a real word. actually, i think im still drunk. Uraguay was quite funny…we got a ferry over and spent the day walking around […]

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Downhill from 25

¡Hola! My birthday was pretty funny. We went downhill mountain biking down the ´Worlds Most Dangerous Road´. We went about 50miles at about 45mph, downhill…with blind bends and 600metre cliff drops! They advised that we had to cycle on the […]

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Jungle Is Massive

¡Hola Amigos! First of all a poo update: normal service has resumed. It was a great feeling. Secondly, wow. The jungle trip was bloody amazing! We flew over the mountains from La Paz and before long it was just a […]

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It Had To Happen Eventually

Turns out there wasn’t any strikes on the roads to Puno so we were OK getting there. We got ripped off with our hostel, paid 15 quid each for two nights which is very expensive here. Puno was alright though, […]

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